Hair transplantation from Switzerland
Kidney cancer from Kyrgyzstan.Operated by da vinci robotic surgery
Aesthetic operation from Switzerland
Pituitary adenoma from Ivory Coast.Operated by Transsphenoidal Pituitary Adenoma Surgery with Neuronavigation
Mediastinal mass and throcal instability from Ukraine.Thoracotomy with mass excision and throcal laminectomy with segmental stabilization applied
Left eye cancer from Gambia.Operated and prosthesis applied
Neuroblastoma from Ukraine. Operated
Genetic malformation from Ukraine
Arteriovenous malformation from Ukraine.Gamma-knife treatment applied
Kidney transplantation from mother to son from Moldova
Hip replacement from Tanzania
Prostat cancer from Tanzania.Radiotherapy applied
Scoliosis correction operation from Ukraine
Hydrocephalus from Ukraine. Operated on with shunt surgery
Kidney transplantation from brother from Pakistan
Gastric cancer from Ukraine.Gastrectomy and cytoreduction surgery with Hipec applied